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Unify multiple packages into one for Continuity… accuracy… ease of use.  CardWare is the smart choice for mid-market companies who need quality equipment and POS supplies, on-time and at low cost fulfillment support.

 CardWare offers customized kitting to simplify ordering, reduce packaging and shipping. Kitting is the assembly of custom packages based on the needs of new merchants.  Upon arrival the merchant will receive a package that contains literally everything in one box that is necessary for a business to accept and process all forms of electronic transactions.

 We provide rapid deployment of programmed and tested POS devices, pulling the downloadable file from whatever source for deployment by CardWare.  With live transactions that result in a printed receipt.  CardWare personnel takes ownership for resolving file build and download issues to accomplish successful testing.

 Deployment is the shipping of a unified package with a terminal, new merchant kit and possibly a pin pad and other items.  For ease and simplicity, CardWare is a single source for over 3000 competitively priced supply and peripheral items unique to the needs of electronic transaction industry.  Convenient ordering is on-line, toll free phone, e-mail, fax and mail.