Credit Card Processing Equipment and Custom Merchant Solutions
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Cardware offers Custom Solutions, tailored to the needs of any company
who uses credit card processing equipment and has entities with 2000 to
60,000 lanes or locations.

Cardware Custom Solutions uses individual products, including credit card
processing equipment from leading manufacturers, specialty services, or a
combination, and are configured for specific situations.

Your business is unique, and the best solution to the challenges you face must
be as well.  Cardware Custom Solutions are engineered to achieve many goals,
depending on whether our client is a bank, ISO, MLS, merchant, buyer’s group,
or association. Here are the most common:

  • Increase customer satisfaction by delivering service at
    or above the level in-house personnel would provide
  • Add flexibility so there can be more effective response
    to evolving business conditions
  • Eliminate redundancies through new ideas in credit card
    processing equipment or charges in processing
  • Provide an infrastructure for processing transactions more efficiently
  • Minimize cash outlays for credit card processing equipment with the
    industry's best equipment lease agreement (Download PDF or Word Doc)
  • Gain accountability for merchant-related expenses
  • Improve the efficiency of delivering merchant services
  • Enhance the speed and accuracy of boarding
  • Eliminate unnecessary swap-outs of credit card processing equipment
    through effective troubleshooting
  • Improve financial performance through non-dues
    revenue programs
  • Eliminate supply waste related to credit card processing equipment
    and the wasted time that comes with inefficient ordering
  • Prevent a common type of fraud involving receipts
  • Add capability or special skills without adding to payroll
  • Benefit from a processor-independent (and endorser-independent)
    organization that allows transitions to be made seamlessly
  • Free staffs to grow their businesses, by managing
    administrative and support activities