Merchant Boarding
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CardWare serves ISOs, other merchant acquirers, front and back end processors with an intuitive online system for quick, accurate merchant boarding (also making changes and deletions) across multiple touch points.

By maximizing the efficiency of the merchant boarding process, acquirers can build merchant portfolios quickly and offer more aggressive pricing as their own costs are reduced. Automated building of download files is done on the terminals supported by all major processors. (See programming)

The CardWare merchant boarding system is unique, and avoids common redundancies – and the errors they cause.  Forms and fields used for merchant
boarding can be customized, and access can be tiered as needed. Several reporting options are available.

CardWare’s web-based merchant boarding process is robust, and logical.  Each client establishes preferences, which virtually eliminates processor,
equipment and applications selection errors.  It has 12 steps:

  • Build the merchant profile
  • Build the equipment file, order equipment and peripherals
  • Select front end processor applications
  • Encryption
  • Training
  • New merchant kits
  • Collateral and support material
  • Select carrier and shipping method
  • Autopopulate most fields (Defaults and auto-filled data can be user-modified.)
  • Help desk services
  • Select supply replenishment system
  • Specify revenue sharing option

Information is not always complete, and situations arise requiring modification. Cardware takes ownership of these situations, contacting the client, processor or merchant to produce a quick resolution.

With CardWare as your single source, field professionals save time. There’s one contact for changes, corrections, questions, upgrades and orders.  A single point of contact ensures consistency and accuracy across multiple platforms, and the most efficient, most accurate merchant boarding process.