Associations & Buying Groups
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Specialized Skill Sets on an As-Needed Basis, Plus: Maximum Flexibility and "Bargaining Power!"

That’s the Cardware “Outsource Advantage!”
for associations, franchise groups, and buying groups

Cardware is structured to provide state and national associations (medical, hospitality, retail, petroleum marketers, etc.), franchise (pizza, etc.) organizations,
and national buying groups (hardware, lumber, computer equipment, etc.) with immediate, ongoing support for every electronic transaction.  Our service is ideal where there’s a staff shortage, or hiring freeze – particularly when memberships are growing and you need specialized skill sets on a lean, “as needed” basis.

The services we offer are well thought-out, and constructed to the specific needs of entities with 2000 to 60,000 members*. Specifically, we provide:

  • Consistent delivery of quality POS equipment, supplies and services.  We “take ownership” of each member’s individual needs and
    working environment.
  • Equipment purchase, rental and lease programs; expert repair of all major equipment brands
  • Exceptional non-dues revenue programs and tax compliance assistance
  • Fast, efficient member boarding, terminal programming, encryption and file building, as well as custom welcome letters, member kits, Quick Reference Guides and custom training designed specifically for members – (even those who are technology-challenged!)
  • Highest levels of customer service, regardless of processor, through well-established economies of scale
  • Ultimate flexibility where there’s an endorsed program in place. If there’s a desire to change endorser, Cardware assures there’s no degradation of service quality.  We are unique in that we are processor-independent, and work with all processors to facilitate the changeover.



Member Advantage:  The price of processing and the need for quality can be separated.  Members can shop for the package that’s
best for them, knowing that whatever they choose, service and supply quality will be maintained . . . seamlessly.


  • Assistance with mandates, such as terminal compatibility with a particular card, truncation requirements, or other regulations governing receipts
  • Expert “24/7” help desk services (including “branded” services where specified) for hardware, software, installation and procedural issues.  One important distinction:  the CardWare Help Desk is specifically structured to solve member issues in a single call, and to accurately diagnose difficulties so that unnecessary swap-outs are eliminated.
  • Custom service options including next-day swap-outs for equipment that truly is malfunctioning
  • Flexible supply restocking programs that prevent waste, minimize shipping costs
  • A system proven to increase satisfaction and the perception of “value” by the member

* We also provide exceptional, cost-effective packages for smaller groups.



Fact:  There are now 8 processors, 12 manufacturers of terminals - and each of those manufacturers has 3 or more devices.  Cardware understands, and works successfully, with all of them. No other support company offers our level of in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience.